Roullier White Cheese Board Set, £30

This set from Roullier White is a cheese board with a difference: as well as coming with a lovely pair of knives, it's printed with a map of all of France's major cheeses by the location in which they're made, presumably so you can brush up on your mildly pretentious dinner party chat while you're eating. It's certainly one way to make improving your geography more palatable.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Gourmand Fondue, £105

Cheese is a fantastic sharing food, and as well as being absolutely delicious, fondue is one of the best ways to eat it with friends. If you're going to bust out the fondue set at a dinner party, you'll want it to look great, be sturdy (unless you like a chestful of molten Gruyère) and stay warm for the half hour or so it'll take you and your guests to polish it off. This rather volcanic-looking set from Le Creuset does all of these in spades.

Joseph Joseph Fold-flat Grater Plus, £30

Cheese graters are fantastic inventions, but suffer from being awkwardly-shaped and just slightly too tall to fit in a kitchen drawer or a dishwasher comfortably. Finally, after all this time, Joseph Joseph has evidently been annoyed enough by this fact that it's designed a grater which not only looks and works pretty well, but folds completely flat for easy storage. It also comes with a protective plastic cover to prevent those cringe-inducing scrapes to the fingers.