What's the product?

The next London gin to grace your glass.

Who makes it?

Management consultant Ian Puddick and his dad Ron. Rumour has it when Ian took over a new office space in Palmers Green, North London there was a dispute over a chimney. A little bit of digging into the history of the mews led Puddick to discover that it was once a bakery and an undercover, illicit gin distillery. Cue: the founding of Old Bakery Gin – Puddick's new business venture and now-legal distillery .

What does it taste like?

It's not a burner, but the cracked black pepper through the spirit will leave a little tickle on your tongue. There are only five botanicals (four in the London Dry version) involved in the making of this gin , which gives you plenty of room to play around with your serve. Pair with a premium tonic then garnish with the likes of blood orange and rosemary, fresh strawberries or even a slice of fresh grapefruit with a sprig of basil.

Where can I get it?

Old Bakery Gin's range is stocked all over London, including the famed Gerry's of Soho. If you want to work up a thirst before your next G&T then you could always take yourself to Harrods , Fortnum & Mason or Harvey Nichols as well. Alternatively, head online and browse the full list of stockists on Old Bakery Gin's website ( oldbakerygin.com ). Prices start at £40.