In 1822, in the Marais district of Paris, pharmacist Eugène Popelin founded A l’Olivier . He had one thing in mind when he began this venture: to introduce Parisians to the benefits of olive oil, which were little known at the time. A l’Olivier quickly acquired an unrivalled reputation for its exceptional selection of premium olive oils, quickly going on to receive awards at the Expositions Universelles in Paris in 1867 and 1882.

Today, A l’Olivier follows the same uncompromising standards to select only the finest oils from prime sources. Prioritising the quality of their products above all else, the oil is unmatched in both flavour and aroma. A l’Olivier selects, prepares and bottles its extensive aromatic oil range at its plant in the Nice countryside, a stone’s throw from the olive trees.

The company's unique expertise brings together sun-soaked olives harvested from their partner farms and delicious aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, vegetables and spices. All these ingredients allow them to create aromatic olive oils bursting with flavours that will add a new dimension to your dishes.

Whether used as a salad dressing, in a marinade or to garnish a dish, the A l'Olivier aromatic olive oils will always be a treat for your taste buds. A drizzle of olive oil is all you need to give your dishes that perfect finishing touch to create that gourmet greatness at home.

It’s rare to find aromatic olive oils like this, where plants are directly infused into the oil. Their patented infusion technique is the company's best-kept secret. It’s the only process that ensures all the aromatic compounds within a plant are extracted directly into the olive oil without degrading its quality.

Food lovers can be rest assured that they’ll find the perfect flavour to give their favourites dishes a whole new lease of life. Take their iconic basil oil, 85g of field-grown basil, harvested when the leaves are at their juiciest, is infused into every litre of olive oil. The resulting makes you dream of summer days and is best used on salads, pizzas and in marinades, not only for its divine flavour but also its incredible scent.

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